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Hey there, I’m Barry with!

How to Begin

Well chances are if you found this site, you’re like me. You like to sit on your butt after a long days work, and you want to kick back and relax. My problem was that I couldn’t seem to find a recliner or couch that I actually liked. I’d done the classic sit down, get up, sit down, get up on a number of chairs in-store. I figured, what better way to share that experience than to document it online and provide a resource that everyone can benefit from.

What to Expect

So, on this site you can expect to find my unbiased reviews of different styles of recliners. My reviews are in-depth and go over recliners for the details that actually matter; things like durability, materials used, is it comfortable?, etc…I don’t favor any brand here, some brands specialize in certain aspects, and fall short in others, trust me.

I want to personally thank you for checking out my site. Any questions, feel free to reach out.

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