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The Best Recliner Brands

Jan 3, 2018

Whether it’s for the Super Bowl season, Netflix binges or that maternal nesting instinct, no comfort beats the souped-up cushy comfort of a recliner. As you scramble for that perfect seat, here are some of the best recliner brands to available to help you make the right choice.


Started during the ear of the great American depression in 1922 by Ray Jackson, the Jackson Catnapper Furniture prides itself as an all American furniture company, assembling its furniture fully in the U.S.A. Catnappers were built for taking quick cat naps by the T.V on a Sunday afternoon, so they make your comfort as a priority as much as you do yourself.

Their recliners are not only stylish and elegant, but come with various features such as heat and massage features complemented with digital musical systems. Catnapper furniture can be bought directly from their factories, but through 2,500 Catnapper authorized dealers and retailers. These exquisite but costly furniture pieces have a limited lifetime warranty for the recliner mechanism, springs and the frame and five-year warranty for the comfort coil seat cushions. Smaller parts have a one year warranty that covers labor and shipping.

There are a few complaints about the quality of their furnishings, mostly being the durability factor, but all in all most users testify to Catnapper’s comfort and easy to assemble recliner features.


The very apt name, La-Z-Boy has become synonymous with recliners such that most people call recliners by this brand’s name. This company with modest roots in Michigan in 1928, paid 25 dollars to an employee with an excellent aptitude for branding. La-Z-Boy manufactures their very famous recliners, sleep sofas, loveseats, stationary couches and other upholstered furniture pieces, whose comfort is unbeatable. They also assemble most of their parts in the US, and their mid-price point for their pieces is well received.

La-Z-Boy has stayed true to its culture of affordability and durability, and though it does not allow for furniture frame customization, it does allow for customization of upholstery fabric. It has almost a thousand fabrics available, and your choice affects the final price of your seat. La-Z-Boy’s customers’ pet peeve is that their designs are a bit too old school, with little regarding style variety. The company though seems to be addressing this aggressively. Their recliner bases, wood frame parts springs, and reclining mechanism parts have a lifetime warranty while the fabric and leather parts have a one year warranty. These magnificent recliners can be purchased through many La-Z-Boy franchised retailers worldwide.

Ashley Homestore

These stores began as a modest outfit in 1945 and if you are looking for affordability and color coordination between your recliner and other pieces of furniture then a visit to a giant Ashley Homestore. At these stores, you can color coordinate all your pieces down to your accessories all under one roof. Their recliners range from moving glider and rocker recliners, as well as swivel, electric and power recliners. There are recliners with a lot of stretch and leg room such the dual reclining love seats or the double recliners. The power of the Ashley Homestore is in its wide variety of furniture pieces housed in giant 45000 ft store that are found locally in most neighborhoods. They have a right mix of both modern contemporary designs intermixed with traditional ones for the vintage at heart.

They do not allow for custom ordering though, and most of their warranties are 1 and 3 to 5-year warranties

Coaster home furnishings

The power recliners from Coaster are both comfy and affordable. The enterprise kicked off in 1972 and imports and distributes fine furniture both in the US and Mexico. Users not only love them for the price and quality but also ease of set up, comfort and convenience. Their customers peeve though is about the durability of the upholstery but for the price these power recliners retail in, they are value for money.

United Furniture Industries

Simmons recliners are manufactured under United Furniture Industries brand under a 2008 licensing agreement. They offer a wide range of affordable and stylish upholstered household furniture, that has microfiber, fabric and bonded leather finishes. The range of fabric options is broad but not as wide as the other more significant recliner makers.

They have different types of recliners ranging from the transitional to traditional rocker recliners. Their recliners are sold in a multitude of stores in the US, while some like the Phoenix Mocha Cuddler Recliner can be found on Amazon. Users love their prices, as well their easy to assemble features.


The easiest way to pick the right Goldilocks recliner like is not only through user reviews and a manufacturer’s credibility but by sitting in the recliner, to feel the fit and the plushness of it. It is more like buying a shoe; your feet have to feel good in it. Feel the frame too as strong bones suggest durability.

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