Why a Recliner Leans to One Side

A recliner is an armchair or sofa designed for comfort. Its backrest can be tilted back. Some even have footrests that extend when the back it tilted or reclined. With that said, these recliners can take a beating and sometimes this results in the chair leaning to one... read more

Recliner Dimensions and How to Get Them Right

So you’ve moved in – new house, new life, new everything. You feel the change, and the feeling is good. Naturally, your cycle of change does not stop at a new home. If you’d like to maintain a decent level of comfort, you’ll need to fill your home with the proper... read more

Recliner Handles – Repair and Replacement

What is a recliner that cannot recline? In a word – worthless. It’s just an armchair with extra weight. Reclining is its very purpose of being. After all, you didn’t buy it just to sit in it, you have chairs for that. Now, all recliners have handles that a person uses... read more

How to Stop Your Recliner From Sliding on Carpets

We’ve all been there. You buy yourself a new chair, sofa, recliner, table, or any other piece of furniture, and the minute you place them on your carpet, they slide. Friction is rather non-existent, and you need stability. After all, you wouldn’t want any spilling or... read more

Recliner Upholstery Options

The one thing recliners are most known for is comfort. That is the biggest selling point, regardless of size, shape, or style. Did you know, though, that the upholstery of the chair plays a big part in this? Upholstery choices are notorious for changing people’s minds... read more

Squeaky Recliners and How to Fix Them

What Causes the Squeak There are three possible underlying causes: • Wear and tear on a metal component • The upholstery • Loose joints The Process First, of all, figure out exactly where the sound is coming from. Depending on what the actual cause is, the remedies... read more


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