Recliner Upholstery Options

The one thing recliners are most known for is comfort. That is the biggest selling point, regardless of size, shape, or style. Did you know, though, that the upholstery of the chair plays a big part in this? Upholstery choices are notorious for changing people’s minds... read more

Squeaky Recliners and How to Fix Them

What Causes the Squeak There are three possible underlying causes: • Wear and tear on a metal component • The upholstery • Loose joints The Process First, of all, figure out exactly where the sound is coming from. Depending on what the actual cause is, the remedies... read more

How to Adjust Your Recliner’s Tension

Rest and relaxation are the cornerstones of every recliner’s function. With that said, reclining sometimes takes a group effort to do, and will not suit everyone. Reclining tension, in this case, refers to how painless the backward movement of your recliner is. If... read more

How to Replace Your Recliner Spring

A recliner is a good thing to have if you are prone to back pain and aching joints. The number of benefits outnumbers the disadvantages, depending on which kind you own. All the same, the dreaded sinking that comes with a broken or damaged spring is enough to break... read more

How to Clean a Microfiber Recliner

If you have purchased yourself a microfiber recliner, then you have most probably been given the sales speech about how stain-proof the fabric is. You’ve been perhaps led to believe that that fabric on your recliner can and will endure any adversity thrown at it.... read more

How to Reupholster a Recliner

Old recliner are like keepers of memories and history. Some are family heirlooms that you get to inherit from grandparents  Some are treasures collected from your neighborhood dumpster. While their outer appearance is lackluster, you just know you can breathe some... read more


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