Squeaky Recliners and How to Fix Them

What Causes the Squeak There are three possible underlying causes: • Wear and tear on a metal component• The upholstery• Loose joints The Process First, of all, figure out exactly where the sound is coming from. Depending on what the actual cause is, the remedies will... read more

The Benefits of Using a Recliner

The recliner has been called an armchair, chaise lounge, and super chair among other things. It has a very long history, dating back further than the days of Napoleon. It has been used for years as a ‘man cave’ necessity, particularly for sports. Now that everyone is... read more

How to Pet-Proof a Recliner: Say NO to Tears and Scratches!

1. Pet-Proof Your Recliner with Covers or Slipcovers This low effort method just requires you to throw slipcovers, throws or washable blankets over your recliner, to keep it safe from your the shedding of your furry friends. Ensure the cover is easy to vacuum, brush... read more

How to Adjust Your Recliner’s Tension

Rest and relaxation are the cornerstones of every recliner’s function. With that said, reclining sometimes takes a group effort to do, and will not suit everyone. Reclining tension, in this case, refers to how painless the backward movement of your recliner is. If... read more

How to Replace Your Recliner Spring

A recliner is a good thing to have if you are prone to back pain and aching joints. The number of benefits outnumbers the disadvantages, depending on which kind you own. All the same, the dreaded sinking that comes with a broken or damaged spring is enough to break... read more

How to Remove Old Stains from Upholstery

Your sofa or recliner is the one place you always run to for solace, especially at the end of a long day spent on your feet. Nothing on earth feels as good as throwing yourself on that soft plush upholstery knowing that it will hold you steady and not buckle under the... read more


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