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Double, Loveseat, & Dual Recliners – Buyer’s Guide

Mar 21, 2018 | Reviews

Picking a recliner is no easy task especially when you have to pick a loveseat for your family. Something like a big man recliner is great for a single Bachelor and his man-cave but it leaves other people without a seat. Loveseat recliners are made of the same materials and in some cases offer a more relaxing experience. They offer a lot more customizations including things like rockers and sliders as well as consoles with cup holders.

Loveseat recliners go by a number of names including dual and double. Often with these styles of recliners you want to be on the lookout for durability issues with the upholstery, as well as ensuring that you have enough space to accommodate the sheer size of this furntiure. This day in age, assembly is quite easy but some manufacturers make it hard. You should expect to spend a little more on these recliners as you’re paying for a larger piece of furniture.




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Brown Siege

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Real Leather

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of America

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ProsA loveseat recliner with a console and gliding feature. Easy assembly.For me, microfiber is a huge plus. The recliner is smooth.I like the upholstery, others didn’t, a matter of opinion. Easy assembly.Real leather. Center console with cup holders.I love the Chenille upholstery. Others may not. Tons of cushion.
ConsThe only concern is the bonded leather and our animals.Wish it had more head support, although I’m a big guy so others may not have this issue.Difficult for shorter and older people to close the footrest.I suspect that setup is a bit more difficult than I was told.Definitely on the smaller side.
MaterialBonded leatherMicrofiber + Faux leatherPadded VelvetReal leatherChenille
Shipping Weight176 lbs130 lbs153 lbs176 lbs168 lbs

Our Favorite Double Recliners of 2018

In this article we are going to take a look at double recliners. We are going to look specifically at pricing, size, and style. After checking out our top five list below you should  be able to come up with something perfect for you and your family. So, without further delay, let’s check out our favorite loveseat recliners of 2017:


Homeglance Loveseat with Console

Our Rating:   (4.3/5)
MaterialBonded Leather
Shipping Weight
176 lbs
Dimensions 83 x 38.5 x 40 inches


The first loveseat being reviewed and the top of our list is the Homeglance. This recliner has hundreds of good reviews and for good reason; it features everything that you would want in a recliner including things like a glider, a console, and of course a reclining function. The recliner is made of a bonded leather comprised primarily of polyester. This recliner is massive measuring lengthwise of 83 inches so you should do your due diligence before purchasing. Most loveseats are rather big, if need be you should check out oversized recliners and see if those are a better option with the same desired effect.

homeglance leather loveseat

Image from Homeglance official site

In use

After sitting in this recliner I can definitely tell it’s comfortable and I can see myself watching Sunday Night Football with my family and a drink in the center console. The free delivery by Amazon is definitely a nice feature after spending as much as you do but it is well worth it. We have two dogs in our house so the bonded leather is definitely a concern but we will simply have to invest in a recliner cover of sorts as our animals are allowed on our furniture. The glider is definitely a nice thing to have and you don’t see it much in other loveseats. The box comes with only four individual pieces and it assembles easily as the pieces snap into place.

  • A loveseat recliner with a console and gliding feature. Easy assembly.
  •  The only concern is the bonded leather and our animals.

double recliner

Homeglance Double Recliner

Our Rating: (4.0/5)
MaterialMicrofiber + Faux Leather
Shipping Weight
130 lbs
Dimensions62 x 39 x 40 inches


At the number two spot in another recliner from Homeglance. Like I’ve said in my other reviews, I’m not biased as far as brands, but Homeglance does make some solid recliners. This double recliner features plush microfiber with faux leather on the sides, and an easy to use the lever action reclining system. To note, this version of the Homeglance has a few options. I specifically tested the manual version, not the power style.

In Use

Overall, not a bad experience by any means. I do have to say that I prefer Microfiber upholstery vs faux and real leather, as I don’t like sticking to my furniture on a hot day. As I said in my first review, I own dogs, and while certain parts are covered with leather, microfiber does have some “give” for their nails. I can tell you that these recliners are very comfortable, and from the other reviews, it seems other people have similar experiences. Again be sure to read other reviews specifically for the manual version, as the others seem to have quality issues. I’m 6’2″, 240 lbs and I fit nicely, but I will say my head overshoots the top of the recliner a bit. My wife is smaller and fits nice and snug. Assembly was easy, and the seatback installed seamlessly.

  •  For me, microfiber is a huge plus.
  •  Wish it had more head support, although I’m a big guy so others may not have this issue.

dual recliner

Coaster Home Furnishings Dual Motion Recliner

Brown Siege

Our Rating: (4.0/5)
MaterialPadded Velvet
Shipping Weight
153 lbs
Dimensions65 x 37 x 41 inches


Third on the list is the Coaster Home Furnishings dual recliner. The material is a plush textured padded velvet. The size is moderate, sporting 65 length by 37 width. The style is very simplistic, and the upholstery is very comfortable. The padding combined with the pocket coil seating, and channeled backs offers a great experience.


Like other recliners in this list, setup is rather easy, most manufacturers make them this way now. This differs a lot from our experience with certain outdoor reclining chairs. The material on this recliner was better than expected. It is actually very soft, and very durable materials. A complaint I have is you need to push the footrest down in order to close it, could be difficult for smaller folks. I’m a bigger guy and the footrest is a little short for me, again if you are smaller this shouldn’t be an issue. I have to say that delivery was nice as well, you can tell they care about packaging.

  • I like the upholstery, others didn’t, a matter of opinion. Easy assembly.
  •  Difficult for shorter and older people to close the footrest

Coaster Motion two person recliner

Coaster Motion Love Seat

Dark Brown

Our Rating: (4.0/5)
MaterialReal Leather
Shipping Weight176 lbs
Dimensions72 x 72.8 x 41.8 inches


This is another double recliner by Coaster Home Furnishings. The material is real leather, which is why I decided to add it to the list, as it’s not bonded leather, and is very soft. This recliner also features a middle console with cup-holders and perforated back and seats. The contrast stitch work is also a nice touch and looks very stylish.

Coaster Motion Love Seat


Now I lucked out on this, as my buddy’s wife bought this for his man-cave. To my surprise, the leather is real and doesn’t have that effect of sticking to your furniture that I loathe. My friend’s wife actually has a plush throw that she puts over the recliner and you sort of just sink in. I was told the assembly was care-free although his description made it seem a bit more difficult than just the snap and go ones. Some people have reported slower shipping speeds, but I’d be curious about their situation. Overall, I have no complaints after sitting in it and watching TV for a couple of hours.

  • Real leather. Center console with cup holders.
  • I suspect that setup is a bit more difficult than I was told.

Furniture of America love seat recliner

Furniture of America Two Person Recliner


Our Rating: (3.7/5)
Shipping Weight168 lbs
Dimensions57 x 38 x 39 inches


Last on the list is the Furniture of America Blake Chenille. This loveseat reminded me a lot of something my parents had when I was a kid growing up. Although their sofa/recliner was lived it, I’m not sure why but the chenille upholstery is comfy for me. The loveseat is definitely on the smaller side of this list, but not everyone is the height of an NBA all-star. This dual recliner is truly a classic and gives me that feeling of home.


This recliner has TONS of padding, as they detail it is “generously padded.” As I said above, I love the chenille upholstery but others may not, it’s all a matter of preference. Don’t be thrown off by the overall review rating that two customers left. If you’ve never sat in a sofa with the material, I encourage you to go to local store and try it. I definitely had nostalgia associated with this as it was very similar to what my parents owned, and I instantly enjoyed sitting in it.

  • I love the Chenille upholstery. Others may not. Tons of cushion.
  • Definitely on the smaller side. Consider this as a possible RV recliner.

Final thoughts on these Double Recliners

Truthfully most of what I’m about to say is opinion. I’m not a big fan of leather recliners provided they are done right. If I feel like i’m sticking to a recliner then I’m instantly discouraged. None of the ones in this review did that and they passed that test. There are a variety of things to look for when selecting like do you want a rocker? Do you want a center console? What sort of material do you prefer? With all that being said, I hope you enjoyed our reviews. Have something you think is better? Feel free to drop a comment below and let me know.

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