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How to Measure a Recliner for a Slipcover

Jan 13, 2018

Introduced in the 1920s, the call to provide unparalleled comfort has remained unchanged through the years, and now there are many designs of recliners to choose from. Comfort aside, they are the one good thing too happening in your life that your physician has little wrong to say about. They are perfect for neck and lumbar support for people with various medical conditions, and they look fabulous doing it. Below are some recliner designs on the market today.

Rocker recliners

This is the perfect recliner for insomniacs and mothers with babies. What better way to ease into dream world besides rocking in a reclined comfy seat? Most rocker recliners have a swivel feature while gliding recliners rock along a linear track. They vary in size from oversized rockers to wall savers, and they have a wide range of reclining options and angles.

Traditional Two-Position recliners

The double recliner or loveseat has two primary seating positions; you get to either sit upright or recline fully. They have a built-in footrest that deploys whenever in the reclined position. They also have a lever or button on the recliners side, that assists in sprawling. They need larger spaces, for the reclined position and subsequent footrest. This seat is unapologetically limited in design choices, but its users have loved its functionality and classic style throughout the years.

Push-Back recliners

This new kid on the recliner block is also more expensive than its counterparts, but its worth it if only for its sleek and stylish contemporary modern look. It’s easy to recline on this beast; just push your back into its plush end, and it will lounge hands-free. Push back or flex back recliners looks like a regular seat when in its upright position, and come with ottomans for footrests or extra guest sitting.

Riser recliners

Riser or lift recliners are designed to help out individuals with physical disabilities or injuries that limit their motion range. They help them sit, recline and stand easily and more comfortably. They have a motorized mechanism that pushes the recliner up from its base to assist the person sitting, to sand up. They will cost a little bit more than usual recliners.

Massage Recliners

As if the all-engulfing comfort of a recliner is not enough, some recliners come with a massage and heating function as well. They will massage your stiff back and leg muscle, and yes, they cost more than most recliners, but this is also dependent on manufacturer and style.

How to measure a recliner for a slipcover

Whichever design of recliner you decide to go for, you will probably love it enough to wish it lived forever. The one way you can ensure this happens is by getting your recliner buddy a slipcover. Slipcovers will protect your precious from stains and spills as well as unwanted scratch action from your furry friends. A right slipcover will be easy to launder, as well as offer you a change of color of the recliner, if your mood requires it. Below are the steps you need to follow to measure that perfect slipcover for your recliner.

Materials needed

  • A measuring tape


  • Consider the design of the slipcover you’ll purchase when measuring for slipcovers. If for example, your design will have a dust ruffle, ensure that when measuring your recliner, you measure from the top of the leg to the floor to allow for the frills.
  • The stretch factor of the material your slipcover will have also determines the size of slip cover your need to purchase. Knit fabrics such as cotton and spandex stretch and are more forgiving of minor miscalculations during measurement. Woven fabrics like twill are less forgiving of miscalculation as they do not stretch and therefore utmost care is necessary when measuring for slipcovers.


  1. Put the recliner in an upright position
  2. Measure the back’s height, from the top to the bottom edge. Write it down.
  3. Measure the recliners width, from one arm’s outer edge to the outer side of the other
  4. Measure across the seat cushion’s front and ensure that you measure across the cushion’s fullest part at the very front.
  5. Measure the cushions depth, starting from the front center of the cushion to the cushions’ back.
  6. If your type of recliner has an attached footrest, you’ll need to measure the recliner’s height while reclined. Place the seat in a fully reclined position and measure its height again from the top, to the end of the footrest
  7. Measure the depth, height, and width of the ottoman if any and write them all down in preferred units.

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