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Power Lift Recliners Ratings and Reviews

Mar 22, 2018 | Reviews

If you’re an older person who needs a little help getting into and out of your chair, or you’re a disabled person who needs the same assistance, a lift recliner is exactly what you need.

Most lift recliners, lift to about 30 – 50 inches, depending on just how much assistance you need. The mechanisms in these chairs tend to be ultra-strong too, capable of easily lifting to 300 pounds with ease.

If you’re in the market for one of these right now, hold on tight, as we’ll take you on a whistle stop tour of the best lift recliners on the market right now.


Coaster Home


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Power Lift

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Union Deluxe

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Power Reclinerl

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Power Lift

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Dimensions39 x 37 x 41 inches34.6 x 43.3 x 37 inches32″L x 34″W x 42″H35.4″ (W) X 38.6″ (D) X 41.5″ (H).34 x 34 x 30 inches
MaterialChenilleReal leatherPU LeatherPU LeatherFaux leather style
Weight125 lbs110.2 poundsNot specified79.2 lbs125.4 lbs

Our Favorite Lift Recliners of 2018

Coaster Home Furnishings Power Lift Recliner

1. Coaster Home Furnishings Power Lift Recliner

Our Rating:   (3.9/5)
Shipping Weight
125 lbs
Dimensions39 x 37 x 41 inches


Coaster Home Furnishings, are a well-known brand of mobility furniture for around the home. Popular with care homes and hospitals, their range of domestic furniture is far less clinical, and should sit happily in most homes.

This recliner, also boasts pillow-style armrests and a broad base cushion, allowing even larger people to find a slice of comfort.

Notable Features of the Coaster Home Furnishings Power Lift Recliner

  • Available in Charcoal, Deep Red, Fawn, Black and Cream colors.
  • The fabric is luxury chenille, with stain repellent technology.
  • 5-year mechanism warranty.

Coaster Home Furnishings power lift chair


  • Height: 41 inches
  • Width: 39 inches
  • Depth: 37 inches

In Use

The first thing we must cover on the Coaster Recliner is just how comfortable it is. That chenille fabric is backed up by high-density foam and pocket springs that allow you to settle down in the chair. This material we found in some of our favorite oversized recliners we reviewed, and it is comfy.

Those pillow-style armrests are a joy to use too, their also extremely supportive for when you need to exit and enter the chair.

The mechanism, backed up by its 5-year warranty, is exceptionally smooth in motion and incredibly quiet in operation. Sure, this chair does come in at the higher end of our review price range, yet you really can see where that cash has been spent.

Sink in Feeling?

Definitely! Although lift recliner manufacturers have to be careful about this, as the sink in feeling is part of the reason many older people just can’t use them! Even so, the sink in feeling is there, and the lift mechanism lifts more than enough to help most people exit the chair easily.

The recliner motion and leg rest well too, and the leg rest is well padded – perfect for people who suffer from poor circulation and need to take the weight off once in a while.


  • Well-made and typically Coaster Furnishings styled. Extremely comfortable to use and backed by a 5-year mechanism warranty.
  • The price might put some people off.

DFM Power Lift Chair

2. DFM Power Lift Recliner

Our Rating: (3.7/5)
MaterialReal leather
Shipping Weight
110.2 pounds
Dimensions34.6 x 43.3 x 37 inches


Another quality lift recliner this time, yet with a far more contemporary feel in comparison to the Coaster recliner featured above.

The real solid leather is used on this model like the other loveseat recliners we reviewed, with high-density foam interior and sinuous springs to keep everything sprung well. You should consider a recliner cover or slipcover as animals may puncture the costly leather.

Another plus point here is the inclusion of cup holders and a remote-control holder.

Notable Features of DFM Power Lift Chair

  • Quality leather used throughout, easily wiped clean.
  • Cup holders and remote-control holder included.
  • Reclines to 135 degrees.
  • Solid wooden frame and quality metal mechanism.

DFM electric riser recliner


  • Height: 31 inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Depth: 37 inches

In Use

The Power Lift Recliner is comfortable, yet not quite as good as the Coaster model. It’s just a little too supportive for my taste (I’m a fan of sink in sofas), yet it might suit those who like a little hardness to their seating.

The recline, leg rest and lift mechanisms work well, and although the warranty isn’t quite as lengthy here, it all seems to be made of good quality.

Those cup holders though, brilliant! Although, they’re only suitable for soft drinks and a can of beer. Tea and coffee drinkers might get a bit fed up with them after a while.

Top marks go to power lift for including a remote-control holder too. How many times have you lost yours? I know…


  • Well made, functional mechanisms and padded leg rest make for a comfortable if a little hard place to sit.
  • Those cup holders might annoy those who prefer a cup, rather than a can. The price might put some people off too.

Magic Union Deluxe Wall Hugger Power Lift Recliner

3. Magic Union Deluxe Wall Hugger Power Lift Recliner

Our Rating: (3.9/5)
MaterialPU Leather
Weight Capacity
330 lbs
Dimensions32″L x 34″W x 42″H


A very similar chair in design to the Power Lift; this time, the Magic Union lift recliner comes with heated and massaging seats – perfect if you suffer from poor circulation or back issues.

Unlike the Power Lift, this recliner also comes with PU Leather, rather than the real leather used earlier. The price is similar though, so it’s almost a case of taking the leather out, and putting massage seats in!

Cup holders and a remote holder are included in this model too; we’ll talk about that later.

Notable Features of the Magic Union Deluxe Wall Hugger Power Lift Recliner

  • PU Leather fabric, easily wiped clean and maintained.
  • Eight separate massage points.
  • Heated back and bottom cushion.
  • Five massage modes including, pulse, press, wave, normal and automatic.

MAGIC UNION lift chair

In Use

What we discovered when unpacking this chair, is that it’s the same as the Power Lift featured above. It’s still a little bit too supportive for my taste, yet some reviewers in our team preferred it.

The recline and lift functions work the same too, nice and smooth with little noise. Warranty is still short also, and we’re not sure about having such a short one when you consider all the electronics inside.

As for the massage function, that’s not my thing, so I deferred to the rest of the team! They found it worked well and had eight separate points is an excellent idea as you can usually massage the exact spot you need to.

The heat function works well too. As a girl who frequently uses the heated seats in my car on long journeys, I know just how much of a difference this can make. You’ll probably use the medium setting in normal use, as the hot setting is enough to make the seat hot to the touch! This recliner works great in RV recliners and is great for travel.

Still unsure about the cup holders, they’re great for soft drinks and beer cans, and hopeless for cups!


  • Everything the Power Lift recliner has, plus massaging and heating.
  • Real leather is substituted for PU leather to keep the price down. The warranty is troubling, considering how many electrical items there are inside.

4. Merax Power Recliner

Our Rating: (4.2/5)
MaterialPU Leather
Weight Capacity330 lbs
Dimensions35.4″ (W) X 38.6″ (D) X 41.5″ (H).


Merax, are better known for their range of office chairs, widely available online and in shops like Staples. The Merax Power Recliner is the first piece of home furniture we’ve seen in the flesh, yet we’ve heard good things about their quality.

The Power Recliner comes in easy clean PU leather, has a 2-year warranty and is said to be able to lift to 330 pounds.

This chair also offers what they call “infinite position” technology. This means the seat won’t lock into any one position and can be adjusted to your heart’s content.

Notable Features of the Merax Power Recliner

  • Easy clean PU leather.
  • Supports up to 330 pounds.
  • Has a range of safety systems to lock the chair when not in use (great for children).
  • Solid wood and metal frame construction.

Merax electric riser chair

In Use

The Merax chair is a contemporary design on the face of it. Perhaps it’s the fact Merax have a history manufacturing office chairs, but there’s more than a whiff of “posh managerial chair” about the Power Recliner – nobody in our review team can figure out why though!

The mechanisms are unbelievable tough though, and we can really see how it can cope with 330 pounds. I’m 99% certain I could jump up and down on this chair without breaking it!

As for the seat itself, it’s reasonably comfortable, yet nothing to really write home about. There’s not a huge degree of sink in feeling, and the armrests are too slim in my opinion.

Back support is better though, with large slabs of the high-density foam allowing you to find a comfortable position.

The main benefit of this chair is the fact it’s so well built. The 2-year warranty backs up our thoughts, and we think this is a chair that will easily last a decade of hard use.

Our only problem is the styling, which might put some people off.


  • The best made chair in our review and built like a tank!
  • Looks like a piece of office furniture, something we couldn’t forget as we tested it. Also, not as comfortable as others tested, such as the Coaster Recliner.

5. Coaster Power Lift Recliner Chair

Our Rating: (3.8/5)
MaterialFaux leather style
Shipping Weight125.4 lbs
Dimensions34 x 34 x 30 inches


The second power recliner in our review from Coaster Furnishings, this time we’re looking at their Chocolate model. Keenly priced, and with some of my favorite features to discover on a recliner, this should be a treat to review.

As with the first Coaster tested, the Chocolate model also comes with a 5-year warranty and is made to the same high standards as the rest of the Coaster range.

Features of the Coaster Power Lift Recliner Chair

  • Chenille fabric, with anti-stain protection.
  • Pillow style armrests.
  • Pocket sprung core with high-density foam cushions.
  • Can lift 290 pounds.

coaster lift recliner

In Use

As with the first Coaster recliner we tested, there was a small amount of assembly required to get this chair up and running. It’s not a huge deal though, and everything is included for you to get started.

Instructions are in quality English, and all the tools required are included.

The fabric used is Chenille style in chocolate brown. Thankfully, it’s coated with anti-stain protection making for quick clean ups. We spilled a small amount of coffee on the armrest by accident; easily cleaned up with a damp cloth and warm water.

As ever with Coaster Furnishings, the recline and power lift worked perfectly, plus it comes with Coasters own version of the “infinite lift” systems on the Merax chair reviewed above. This means that you can lock the recline and lift in any position for lengthy periods of time.

The seat base in this recliner has pocket springs, covering in a thick layer of high-density foam. The cushions are a similar deal, with thick wadding discovered underneath the Chenille fabric. This makes for a comfortable recliner, the same as the Coaster Power Lift featured earlier. Even the leg rests get a decent amount of padding, which was a relief after using the Merax.

  • Coaster Home Furnishings quality, 5-year warranty and it’s incredibly comfortable.
  • Only available in chocolate brown and light brown.

Final thoughts on these Lift Reclining Chairs

Even though we loved the massager function, and I personally would love a heated pad in my own seat at home; we’re going to have to discount the Magic Union chair outright. There’s just too many question marks over the warranty and quality to suggest purchasing so many moving parts and electronics in one package!

With the 4 chairs left in our review, the two Coaster Furnishings lift recliners are amazing, and recommended by us. The 5-year warranty is unbeatable, and the comfort is unbelievable if you find a style that suits your home.

The Merax chair is technically good, yet the styling is way too sterile for the home environment. Perhaps this could be the chair for an office setting instead? If you do like the style of it, you’ll find a well-built chair, backed up by a known company and decent warranty package.

Now we come to the Power Lift Wall Hugger, a recliner that we discovered is the same as the Magic Union chair listed above. Without the massaging bits, and with real leather too, the original Power Lift recliner makes a far better case. The warranty issues are still here though, so you’ll need to think carefully before you order.

It does have cup holders though, so that’s something!

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