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Outdoor Recliners for the Patio and Garden

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Reviews

Are you looking forward to the Summer months? Looking for a way to relax outside whilst having a few drinks? If so, you need an outdoor recliner right now.

Outdoor recliners range all the way from cheaper metal and plastic framed models, to ones that are made from solid wood with traditional furniture springs in the base. Whatever you need in an outdoor recliner, there’s one out there to suit your needs.

So, grab a beer, glass of wine, or a Pimm’s if you’re feeling terribly English – and we’ll take you on a tour of the best recliners available for this Summer.

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Rating4.1 Stars4.3 Stars3.7 Stars3.6 Stars2.9 Stars
ProsWell priced, well made and comfortable for people under 6 feet tall.Cheap, well made and more comfortable than you’d think.Similarly priced to the Strathmere, yet with a classy traditional look.A reasonable quality recliner that’s a good $200 cheaper than the nearest Hanover chair.A cheap and cheerful recliner that will look good in any modern garden.
ConsYou should look elsewhere if you’re over 6 foot tall.Doesn’t quite fold down to under 5 inches, which many alternatives do; however, the level of quality here should make that a moot point!Difficult for shorter and older people to close the footrest.I suspect that setup is a bit more difficult than I was told.Definitely on the smaller side.
MaterialResin + UV Resistant WickerTextaline fabric suspended by double bungee systemResin+wickerPE Wicker and Aluminum FrameBuild quality not on a par with the Hanover brand. Also missing some key features.
Shipping Weight59.08 lbs24.3 lbs66 lbs50 lbs48.8 lbs

Summary Tables

Our Favorite Outdoor Recliners of 2017

1. Hanover Venturarec Outdoor Patio Recliner

Our Rating:  4.1 Stars (4.1/5)
Material Resin + UV Resistant Wicker
Shipping Weight
59.08 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 26.8 x 40.5 inches


This recliner makes it into the definition of “luxury outdoor recliner”. Not only is it manufactured from a rather pleasing metal and wicker frame, it also has an adjustable leg rest.

It really is like bringing the living room into your garden – pure bliss.


As mentioned before, the base frame is constructed of metal with a wicker outer layer, whilst the cushion bases are make from Polyester mix fabric. Colors available are numerous, including bright red, yellow, light blue and of course more traditional creams and browns.

The reclining motion is decent too, allowing you to lay back quite far, whilst the adjustable leg rests are also easy to use and very comfortable.


· Height: 40.75 inches

· Width: 30.25 inches

· Depth: 36.25 inches

It’s worth saying that whilst the chair is fine for the smaller person, it’s not going to be comfortable for the larger man. Anyone over the height on 6.1 should try another model.

In Use

The cushioned bases and well sprung base, make this outdoor recliner and easy place to get comfortable like a double recliner. The fabric is nice and breathable too, something to be aware of in hot climates.

As for the recliner function, it’s extremely smooth and allows a high degree of recline. The back cushion neatly fits into the base of the frame when reclining too, the Hanover is an easy place to get comfortable.

The leg rest, whilst extremely good for me (a 5.7 woman), just wasn’t good enough for our taller review team members. I found it supremely comfortable, yet your mileage will vary.

Pros: Well priced, well made and comfortable for people under 6 feet tall.

Cons: You should look elsewhere if you’re over 6 foot tall.

2. Caravan Sports Infinity Reclining Lawn Chair

Our Rating: 4.3 Stars (4.3/5)

Material Textaline fabric suspended by double bungee system
Shipping Weight
24.3 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 4 x 37 inches


Wow, from a recliner at the higher end of our review budget, to one that’s definitely on the “cheap and cheerful” end of the line. Even so, there’s plenty to be cheerful about, as the Caravan Sports Recliner, is well made and constructed using Polyester fabric, making it breathable and comfortable.

The recliner system is a traditional garden furniture style, with a hooked end pulled up whilst pushing the backrest backward. It’s standard garden recliner fayre, but obviously not in the same league as the Hanover recliner.


This recliner comes with good quality breathable fabric, a strong metal frame and a headrest support. Like most recliners of this type, you can fold this chair down to about 6 inches high – and that’s going to be the main appeal for a recliner of this type.

The Caravan Sports Recliner is available in several colors, including cream, black, red, blue and terracotta. In all cases the frame is powder coated in black, whilst the fabric is colored.

The recliner is sold as being able to support 300 pounds of weight. We can see this recliner is a quality item; however, we think the weight rating is a little ambitious!


  • Folded Dimensions: 6 inches x 26.4 inches x 6.3 inches.
  • Open Dimensions:5 inches x 45 inches x 64.5 inches.

The most important measurement for most users is likely to be the folded height. 6.3 inches isn’t too bad in this case, and should fit in most garden sheds with ease.

In Use

The thing that surprised us most during use was the quality of the frame. We’ve all seen cheap versions of this style of outdoor recliner, yet you can level that criticism here. The frame is solid, and the fabric is of a high quality.

The recliner motion is easy to set, in that traditional style of operation that most outdoor recliners have. That means there’s no lever, you’ll need to get out of the recliner and lift it slightly to get the right level.

Another big highlight for this recliner, is the quality headrest included. After years of using a pillow to rest your head on cheaper alternative, the integrated rest on the Caravan Sports Recliner is a joy to use!

Pros: Cheap, well made and more comfortable than you’d think.

Cons: Doesn’t quite fold down to under 5 inches, which many alternatives do; however, the level of quality here should make that a moot point!

3. Hanover Strathmere Outdoor Luxury Reclining Chair

Our Rating: 3.7 Stars (3.7/5)
Material Resin + Wicker
Shipping Weight
66 lbs
Dimensions 40.75 x 30.25 x 36.25 inches

If you’re looking for an outdoor recliner that’s a little more traditional in style, the Ventura might just be what you’re looking for. Constructed from a metal base with wicker outer layer and muted fabrics, it exudes a more country style in comparison with the Strathmere model above.

All Ventura models come with an accent pillow, available in a variety of colors, plus the cushions themselves are made from hand woven fabric. The cushion quality isn’t going to be spectacular like you would find in an oversized recliner, but nothing crazy.


Made from a solid, powder coated metal frame and covered in wicker material, the Venturatec recliner is obviously designed to last many years of use. The cushions are UV resistant, and comes with a stain resistant technology that allows the fabric to be wiped off easily.

It’s worth mentioning, that if you’re in the market for a complete outdoor furniture set, the Venturatec matches perfectly with the Ventura 4-piece set.

Colors available include fawn, light blue, deep red and deep blue.


  • Height: 5 inches
  • Width:75 inches
  • Depth: 36 inches.

The Ventura model is roughly the same as the Strathmere model reviewed above

In Use

The frame system used on the Ventura, is almost a carbon copy of the Strathmere. The same high quality, and some of the same issues. Although to our mind the Ventura is a bit more forgiving for those who are 6 feet or taller.

Recliner motion is lovely and smooth, and the leg rest is easy to set too; however, we would have liked to see a bit more cushion material in the leg rest itself.

The fabric itself is nice and comfortable, and allows your skin to breath in warm weather. It’s also easier to keep clean than the Strathmere; unsure as to why because they both have stain repellence as standard.

Pros: Similarly priced to the Strathmere, yet with a classy traditional look. It serves up more of the same high quality you’d expect from Hanover. It also seems a better bet for taller people too.

Cons: None! And we really mean this too. If we’re really being tough we might have preferred more padding in the leg rest but that’s the extent of it.

4. Odina Outdoor Recliner

Our Rating: 3.6 Stars (3.6/5)
Material PE Wicker and Aluminum Frame
Shipping Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 28.34”D x 25.39”W x 41.33”H

Odina is a make we hadn’t heard of before, so we were excited to see how it stacked up against the Hanover recliner selection. One thing is for certain, the price is good for a recliner of this style, coming in at half the price of the Hanover equivalent.

The style of the Odina recliner is very contemporary. There’s still wicker in the construction, yet it’s cut in a style that makes it very modern.


The Odina recliner is a wicker and wooden constructed unit, and has an aluminium frame to support everything. Unlike the other recliners reviewed, you’ll need to assembly a few parts to get this chair up and running.

Other than this, there aren’t too many differences between the Odina, and the Hanover chairs reviewed earlier.


  • Height: 33 inches
  • Width:39 inches
  • Depth:34 inches

In Use

To give the Odina recliner its dues, the quality of construction is reasonably good. Sure, it’s nothing like the Hanover chairs, yet it’s pretty good and should stand up to several years use.

The recliner motion doesn’t quite offer as much choice compared to the Strathmere and Ventura, with a more ratchet style system holding everything up. Even so, most of our review team could get comfortable, plus there’s much more space for taller people to get comfortable.

As for the negative points, the fabric isn’t quite as water repellent as we would like. You won’t want to leave the cushions out in the rain as they’ll get stained. Another small issue we had was the fact you can’t operate the leg rest independently. That means you’ll be unable to have the seat upright and the leg rest out at the same time.

A shame.

Pros: A reasonable quality recliner that’s a good $200 cheaper than the nearest Hanover chair.

Cons: It’s not perfect quality, and there’s some features missing, like independent leg rest motion and stain repellent technology – still great value though.

5. Cabana Way Outdoor Wicker Patio Recliner

Our Rating: 2.9 Stars (2.9/5)
Material Steel + Wicker
Shipping Weight 48.8 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 24.7 x 31.6 inches


This is another “no name brand” recliner that promises to offer as much as branded chairs – without the price tag. Of course, to get the price this low you’ll be missing out on key features, something we’ll cover later.

Like the Odina recliner, this chair is very contemporary in design and should suit any garden that’s had a recent makeover.


Features start to become thin on the ground at this price level. The recliner comes with a steel resistant frame, a recline mechanism that defaults to three positions, plus high-density foam cushions.

The frame is rated as being able to cope with loads up to 250 pounds. This is interesting as the standard is normally 300 pounds. A point to the quality? We’ll let you know.


  • Height: 7 inches
  • Width:7 inches
  • Depth:2 inches

In Use

Unfortunately, it’s obvious where those savings have been made to keep the price down. The frame is rust resistant in as much as it’s coated in a rather thin paint layer – we think this will rust if you leave it out in the rain.

Other issues, are the recliner foot rests, which aren’t as solid as we’d hope for. They do lower and raise easily, and the motion is smooth – so hopefully our fears are unfounded.

The recliner mechanism is okay, although it only defaults to 3 separate positions. If you want something with more control you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Of course, all this negativity is excluding one important thing, the price! For the money, we think you’re getting a lot. For an additional $100 or so, you’re getting a far better outside recliner than the Caravan Sports model.

Pros: A cheap and cheerful recliner that will look good in any modern garden.

Cons: Build quality not on a par with the Hanover brand. Also missing some key features.

Final thoughts

Even though the Outdoor Wicker recliner offers great value, we’re going to discount it because we’re not sure just how the build quality will play out over time. Those coated steel frame supports look like they’ll rust in good time.

That leaves 4 recliners, and they all come up trumps depending on what you’re looking for.

On a budget and don’t have the space? Then the Caravan Sports recliner is for you. It’s well made, sturdy and folds down to a size you’ll get in any shed or outbuilding. The main thing that impressed us about the Caravan Sports Recliner, is the fact that for its style, it’s much better built than anything we had seen before.

Want a nice recliner at a low price? The Odina recliner is where you need to look. Good quality, good recline function and a price that’s compelling. You won’t get the same quality as the Hanover range, yet you’ll get damn close – and for the money that’s not bad at all!

What a nice piece of outdoor furniture? Then depending on whether you want traditional or contemporary, the Ventura and Strathmere models of Hanover are for you. They’re the most expensive recliners in our review, yet you’ll be getting unbelievable levels of quality for the money.

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