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Oversized Recliners, Big and Tall, Big Man Chairs

Mar 22, 2018 | Reviews

There comes a time in every guys life where you don’t just want a huge oversized recliner in your life, you need one, desperately and as if your life depends on it! Thanks to Joey of Friends fame, the idea of a super comfortable chair you can chill in, whilst gaming or catching up on boxsets has really caught on.

With this new-found popularity, lots of manufacturers now manufacture a range of big boy recliner chairs to suit almost any home.

In this review, we’re gonna look at the top recliner chairs on the market right now, plus we’ll throw in some top tips to help you get the best oversized recliner, at a price you’ll love.

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ProsSuperb quality, as you would expect from Major-Q, and a classic design with pocket springs that you’ll love.A well-made, traditional style recliner that cossets you for hours on end.Extremely well made, well priced and with a leather fabric.By far the most comfortable recliner tested. Very comfortable and an unbelievable level of quality for the money.
ConsIt’s not a big recliner, and some taller guys out there might not be able to get comfortable.Possibly a bit too traditional for the contemporary styled home or man cave.Not quite as cushioned as you might think.The suede leather fabric will take a little effort to keep clean and maintained.Not quite as comfortable as the Catnapper recliner.
MaterialFoam, Upholstered, WoodFabricBonded LeatherPolyesterPolypropylene
Shipping Weight68 lbs150 lbs100 lbs120 lbs96 lbs

Our Oversized Recliners of 2018

Major-Q Over-Sized Glider Recliner

1. Major-Q Over-Sized Glider Recliner

Our Rating:   (4.3/5)
MaterialFoam, Upholstered, Wood
Shipping Weight
68 pounds
Dimensions46 x 40 x 41 inches


If you’re entirely new to sofas, Major-Q is a top brand that’s been around for years. They’ve built up a solid reputation for quality, and their oversized range of recliners is a joy to behold!

As with any quality furniture item, you’ll get years use out of a Major-Q chair, and it’s a piece of furniture you’ll grow to love.

Features of the Major-Q Over-Sized Glider Recliner

The Major-Q packs in quite a few features, including a tight back and seat cushion, pillow top arm and of course a full reclining mechanism. The seat is sprung with pocket coils for that “sink in” feeling as you take your seat. These chairs are similar to loveseat recliners except you don’t have to share them with anyone.

As with most recliners featured in this review, the front section can be elevated to rest your legs on. This is a huge step up from using a footstool, as you can set the level of raise wherever you want.

The Major-Q recliner is available in a variety of colors and materials.

MajorQ big and tall recliner


The main fabric used for the Major-Q recliner is a suede effect leather with the grain fully visible. The only issue we can see with this is the fact it might be prone to picking up stains. If you do purchase this recliner, you’ll probably want to pick up some suede cleaning fluid too – just in case!

In Use

One thing I will say about the Major-Q recliner is that it’s probably a bit small for the taller chap out there. I’m a woman who’s a rather modest 5.4 foot, and this recliner is almost a perfect fit for me. Some of the larger guys in our office found the Major-Q a little short – especially for those over 6 foot.

Other than that, the Major-Q is a well-built piece of furniture, with all the reclining mechanisms operating with a certainty that points towards a long life. The recliner can’t go back to a fully prone position, yet it gets close to it.

Sink in Feeling?

Oh boy yes! One of the benefits to those pocket springs mentioned earlier is that you get the full “sink in” feeling when taking a seat. The cushion pad is ultra-supportive when sitting down for extended periods, precisely what an oversized recliner should do.

The armrests are good too. As pillow top arms, they’re supportive of your arms and lend to that sink in feeling.

  •  Superb quality, as you would expect from Major-Q, and a classic design with pocket springs that you’ll love.
  • It’s not a big recliner, and some taller guys out there might not be able to get comfortable. The suede effect leather might also be a pain to keep clean.

Simmons Upholstery Big Man Recliner

2. Simmons Upholstery Big Man Recliner

Our Rating: (5.0/5)
Shipping Weight
150 lbs
Dimensions37 x 40 x 42 inches


The Simmons Upholstery chair is a traditional looking piece, with a brown leather finish and an almost standard sofa look about it.

Of course, Simmons Upholstery is a well-known brand of sofa, and they’re well known for their traditional styles and timeless quality.

Features of the Simmons Upholstery Big Man Recliner

The Simmons Wisconsin recliner chair takes a slightly different approach to the construction, in comparison to the Major-Q model. Instead of pocket springs, the Simmons recliner uses sinuous wire springs and high-density foam to provide the support. Unfortunately, that’s a type of construction that doesn’t usually offer much support – it’s a favorite of budget brands.

On a happier note, the Simmons recliner comes with a pocket spring overlay, which should help provide that sink in feeling every recliner should have!

The Simmons Wisconsin is also made in the USA, a major bonus if you’re looking for top quality.

Simmons Upholstery large recliner

Image from


The Simmons recliner is made from genuine leather in a rather pleasing walnut brown color. The material is extremely easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, although we would suggest you use a dedicated leather cleaner now and then to keep the recliner in perfect condition.

We loved the look of the Simmons leather; it has a real premium feel to it.

In Use

First things first, this is a massively comfortable chair! It almost makes me feel guilty for mentioning the wire spring construction because in use it feels just as comfortable as any pocket sprung chair.

The size is good too, with everyone in our office able to get comfortable. The recliner motion is easy to use, and just like the rest of the sofa, it’s well made and should stand up to years of abuse with ease.

Any issues? Well, the only major problem I might have with the Simmons, is the lack of a pillow style armrest. That’s a purely personal preference though.

Sink in Feeling?

In a word, YES – in full capitals too! Forget about the lack of full pocket springs because this recliner will let you sink in, before supporting you correctly. Long-term support is good too, with my small body supported well for hours on end. This is the perfect recliner for watching every episode of The Wire in succession – yes, even the painful second season.

  • A well-made, traditional style recliner that cossets you for hours on end. The leather fabric is super easy to keep clean too.
  • Possibly a bit too traditional for the contemporary styled home or man cave. I wouldn’t have minded slightly larger pillow-style armrests as well.

Roundhill Furniture Big Boy Recliner

3. Roundhill Furniture Big Boy Recliner

Our Rating: (3.9/5)
MaterialBonded Leather
Shipping Weight
100 lbs
Dimensions39 x 39 x 41 inches


The Roundhill recliner is manufactured by Affordable Furniture, a reasonably well-known make that tends to market its chairs under different brand names. Don’t let that put you off this chair though, the quality is perfect, and this recliner serves up some serious features for the chair connoisseur.

Like the Simmons chair, the Roundhill is in a traditional style; yet to our minds, it’s slightly more modern, with nice white stitching and a slightly different feel like outdoor reclining lawn chairs.

Features the Roundhill Furniture Big Boy Recliner

You’ll be spoilt for features with this recliner. It offers a dual rocket operation, solid hardwood frame and slightly softer sinuous springs to give that comfortable recliner feel.

As for the recliner mechanism, it’s a fully manual operation, with the standard lever on the right side to help you achieve the perfect position.

As a testament to the overall quality of the product, all the joints and seams are pinned and glued during manufacture, ensuring they won’t come apart during the longer-term abuse.

Roundhill wide recliner chair


As with the traditional Simmons recliner reviewed above, the Roundhill uses genuine leather that’s a snap to keep clean and wipe down. The usual caveats regarding leather cleaners and protectors apply, yet the fabric is solid and looks hard wearing.

As with most leather chairs, it might take a week or two before the leather begins to sink in. Take your time, set your position and the Roundhill should eventually become the most comfortable place in your home.

In Use

Pillow style armrests, check, multiple cushion bottom, check – all these things make for a happy reviewer and the Roundhill delivers on them all. Recliner motion is smooth and well-engineered, with the lever on the right side of the chair performing as it should.

The dual rocker system is decent too, I loved the front foot support and could get extremely comfortable. The size is on-point too, with our over 6-foot reviewers able to find their happy position.

Sink in Feeling?

A little bit, yet not quite as much as the Simmons and Major-Q. We’re at a loss why though because the base cushion is well sprung and is made from multiple sections of fabric.

Even so, if you prefer a little bit of support with your recliner, the Roundhill could be precisely what you’re looking for.


  • Extremely well made, well priced and with a leather fabric that looks like it could take some punishment. Easy to wipe clean too.
  • Not quite as cushioned as you might think, this is the recliner for someone who doesn’t want the complete “sink in” feeling every time they sit down.

Catnapper Oversized Cuddler Recliner Chair

4. Catnapper Cuddler Recliner Chair

Our Rating: (4.0/5)
Shipping Weight120 lbs
Dimensions37 x 33 x 32 inches


Just one look at the Catnapper chair and you can see exactly what you’re going to get. Maximum comfort and total relaxation. Pillow armrests, ultra-cushioned supports, and pocket springs – this recliner has it all.

Catnapper isn’t a hugely known brand, yet they are gaining ground and have a small, but loyal following.

Notable Features of the Lane Furniture Oversized Recliners

The Catnapper recliner offers a precision cut plywood frame, high-density foam cushions plus those all-important pillow armrests and recliner motion.

The recliner is a fully manual motion, set in the traditional right-hand side lever. It works extremely well, and although not quite as smooth as the Simmons and Roundhill chairs, it’s still has a good quality feel.

One of the good features in the Catnapper recliner is the number of separate cushion pads in the base. It’s for this reason the team is so excited to give it a go!

Catnapper cuddle recliner


More leather-based suede, and possibly an issue for those who live in busy families with children. Thankfully, the fabric is easy to wipe down, although we can see some types of stains sticking if you leave them to dry.

It might be worth investing in a stain repellent coating if you’re planning on picking up this chair, especially if you plan on eating and drinking on it. You could also consider a large recliner cover to prevent stains.

In Use

One word, splendiferous… Okay, perhaps that’s not a word, but I hope you get the sentiment! The Catnapper chair is called that for a reason; it’s unbelievably comfortable. Those separate and well-cushioned sections on the base make for a chair you really can sink into.

As for the recliner motion, it’s pretty good and well made. The movement is smooth, and the recliner manages to get close to prone position.

The front leg rest is good too, and as with all the recliners we tested, manages to serve up a gradual movement – allowing you to find the perfect position for you.

The size of the chair is impressive too; all our reviewers managed to find a comfortable position with the Catnapper chair, although you do pay for this will a slightly more substantial footprint than most.

This is a recliner for those who have ample space for it!

Sink in Feeling?

The Catnapper offers up that sink in feeling with ease. The padded base is exceptionally soft and does cosset you every time you sit down.

We really couldn’t find fault with the sitting arrangement on the Catnapper. If you value comfort above everything else, then you’ll want to purchase this recliner – quickly!

  • By far the most comfortable recliner tested, and well made to boot.
  • The suede leather fabric will take a little effort to keep clean and maintained. As I mentioned before, you should invest in a stain repellent coating to keep this bad boy looking his best! The ultimate game/movie room seat? Quite possibly.

Lane Furniture Oversized Recliners

5. Lane Furniture Oversized Recliners

Our Rating: (4.3/5)
Shipping Weight96 lbs
Dimensions40 x 43 x 43 inches


Here we have a lower priced recliner, yet keeping some of the features that made the Catnapper above a real winner. Well padded, multiple cushions and engineered to last.

Lane furniture was founded in Virginia and hasn’t moved far from its original base all those years ago. They have a long-standing history of quality in their furniture, so we’re expecting big things.

Features of the Lane Furniture Oversized Recliners

The biggest feature of the Lane recliner is the fact it’s made by such a long-standing company. Lane furniture is all about quality, and you should expect a recliner that will last for many years without fault.

On top of that, the Lane recliner features a manual operation, pocket springs and a set of half pillow armrests. The cushions are split into three sections too, making for a comfort level like the Catnapper recliner.

Lane Furniture tall recliner

In Use

The first thing that’s telling about the Lane recliner is the way everything feels. The quality on offer here is breath-taking, and all the stitching is seam sealed to ensure nothing comes apart during use.

The recliner motion is as you would expect from Lane too, although the handle is located quite far down on the right side of the base. Shorter users might benefit from a lever extension to allow easy operation.

The leg rests operate perfectly too, and come with a serious amount of padding on them! More on that later.


The Lane recliner is covered in high-density suede fabric. Unlike the Catnapper above, this fabric is a little more stain repellent. We accidentally tipped a small amount of Tea on the armrest (Yes, I know, we have a tea-loving Brit on our review team) and it wiped off with surprising ease.

This is probably the main difference between the Lane and Catnapper recliners. If you want your fabric to be stain repellent, the Lane makes a good case.

Sink in Feeling?

Those pocket springs do allow you to sink into position; however, it’s not quite as luxurious as the Catnapper above, although it’s streets ahead of the rest.

One bonus point goes to the Lane recliner for the amazing amount of padding on the leg rest. It’s almost to the same level as the seat base, which is a rarity and makes for super comfortable legs!

Once again though, we need to mention that recliner lever. It was very short and located quite far down on the base. If you do purchase the Lane recliner, you really should invest in a lever extender.

  • Very comfortable and an unbelievable level of quality for the money. Stain repellent suede is a nice addition too.
  • Not quite as comfortable as the Catnapper recliner, you’ll need to weigh up how much you value comfort vs. stain repellence if you’re choosing between them.

Final thoughts on these Oversized Recliners

There are three main winners in our review, and which one you choose depends on what you’ll value most about your oversized recliner. If you’re a true comfort junky, then the Catnapper is the chair you want. The level of comfort and adjustability is good, as is the price. Of course, you’ll pay the price for its lack of stain repellence, something we feel you should purchase alongside it.

If you’re looking for something a bit more classic, you won’t go too far wrong with the Simmons recliner. It’s lovely, traditional recliner and still manages to be comfortable and stylish.

If you have your heart set on the Catnapper, but your children are threatening to spill food all over it, then the Lane Furniture recliner is your best choice. It’s not quite as comfortable as the Catnapper, yet that high-density suede is super easy to keep clean. The high cushioned leg rests will help you get over the Catnapper too!

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