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Recliner Covers and Slipcovers: Protect Your Furniture

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Reviews

If there’s one universal truth in the furniture world, it’s that recliners can get extremely dirty over time. They’re often one of the most used items of furniture in your home, so it makes sense that they need a little love to stay at their best.

An easy to way to get your recliner back to its best, is to purchase a new cover to slip over the existing fabric. Modern fabrics and better fitment mean you’ll be able to get close to the original look, without having to purchase a brand-new recliner.

In this review, we’ll look at 3 of the best recliner covers available right now. Some of them are simple protector covers, whilst others are full covers that look to give your chair a while new lease of life.

The Recliner Covers

1. Best Overall

Sofa Shield Reversible Recliner Cover

Our Rating


Sofa Shield has been manufacturing sofa and furniture protectors for some time now. All their protectors come with stain repellent technology, plus they are extremely well priced too.

The Sofa Shield protector comes in a range of colors, from the traditional beige and brown models to exciting options like bright blue, green and pink. The cover is held to the seat base with adjustable and elasticated straps, which stay in place exceptionally well.

One thing that you’ll need to be aware of with the Sofa Shield protector is the fact it’s not recommended for leather. This is because the abrasion of the cover against the leather can strip the color coat off.

One of the cool things about the Sofa Shield is the fact it can be reversed for extra use. You can also purchase a cover with two colors, one on the front and one on the back – great if you fancy a change occasionally.

This should just about cover most recliner sofas, although you might need to measure up if you’re purchasing a cover for an oversized model.

The instructions that come with the Sofa Shield are easy to understand, and fitting the cover takes just a few minutes.

Pros and cons

  • Well made, easy to use and relaxes well.
  • Doesn’t cover the entire seat, this is more of a protector than a complete replacement.

2. Best Value

Furniture Fresh Recliner Covers with Anti-Slip Grib

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The Furniture Fresh cover is like the Sofa Shield, in that it’s not a complete replacement but rather a protector to avoid stains wear and tear on your recliner. The big difference though is the anti-slip guard applied to the fabric, making it perfect for small form factors. This does stop the cover moving as you use the recliner, something that can be a pain with cheap covers.

Stain repellent technology has also been applied to the fabric, making most stains merely falling off after a wipe down with a damp cloth.

The Furniture Fresh protector is available in a Fawn, Chocolate and Pure Black color.

This cover has better adjustable straps in our view; they are wider and the clip system is far stronger. Couple this with the anti-slip coating on the fabric and you have a recliner cover that becomes part of the chair, not a visible addon.

Although this cover fits our recliner well, it’s on the smaller size when it comes to recliner bases. Our advice would be to measure up and ensure you’ll achieve a snug fit.

This cover is going to be ideal for busy families where accidents do happen.

Pros and cons

  • Anti-slip technology, stain repellence, and a good fit make this a real contender.
  • It’s twice the price of the Sofa Shield, so you’ll pay for those extra features and fit.

3. Best in Slipcover

Stretch Sensations Recliner Slipcover

Our Rating


A completely different style of this cover comes courtesy of Stretch Sensations. This time, the cover is a full slip on type, which covers the entire recliner and uses elastane to hugs the curves exactly.

Unlike the models above, the Stretch Sensations cover is machine washable, handy if you want to spruce it up occasionally.

One thing we will mention is the fact the cover is manufactured with a small amount of Spandex in it; something to be aware of if anyone in your family is allergic to it.

The Stretch Sensations cover is made from Polyester, an extremely comfortable fabric for long-term use.

As the cover is made using a small amount of Spandex, it should be able to slip over most recliners easily, even oversized models. This cover protects leather from animals and people alike.

As for colors, the Stretch Sensations slip-on cover is available in Beige, Deep Red, and Brown.

Unfortunately, the instructions are a bit lackluster, making it a little difficult to figure out what to do. Even so, we managed to get the cover fitted in about 10 minutes.

Pros and cons

  • Reasonably cheap for what you’re getting, fits well and machine washable.
  • Not easy to fit thanks to poor English instructions.


If you have the money, and you’re only looking to protect your recliner rather than slipcover it, then the Furniture Fresh cover is exactly what you want. It’s stain repellent technology, and anti-slip coating makes it a real winner. Honestly, here at Reclinercize, we feel they are absolutely essential.

If you want a full cover to give your recliner a new lease of life, then the Stretch Sensations slip-on cover is probably what you’ll want to buy. Its Spandex fabric makes fitting easy, plus its machine washable.

Our only major problem is the fact it lacks any form of stain guard, and we’re not 100% sure how machine washing the fabric will work out long term. Even if you want to cover your recliner entirely, it’s worth taking a look at the Furniture Fresh cover to see just how much of your recliner you need to cover up.

If none of these options work for you, getting a simple throw blanket works nicely as well. Any sort of medium between the elements and the chair are better than nothing.


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