Recliner Dimensions and How to Get Them Right

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So you’ve moved in – new house, new life, new everything. You feel the change, and the feeling is good. Naturally, your cycle of change does not stop at a new home. If you’d like to maintain a decent level of comfort, you’ll need to fill your home with the proper furniture.

We’re talking about having the right recliner, and of course the right recliner dimensions.

Measuring Your Body to Match Recliner Dimensions

This particular section will relate the most to people who shop for furniture online. If you plan on buying a recliner by actually visiting a furniture shop, feel free to skip to the next paragraph.

Right, so before you can buy a recliner from an online retailer, you need to measure your body. The only tool you’ll need here is the tape measurer.

The first step is to measure the distance from your knee to your heel. Do this, then write it down. Next measure the distance from your heel to your tailbone. This should give a fairly good idea of what to look for in dimensions as far as full reclined measurements are concerned.

Measure the length of your torso. Consider how much of a backing you want to have. Do you want your head shoot over the top or do you want the back larger. If the former, measure from your tailbone to your shoulders. If the latter, measure from your tailbone to the top of your head.

The final step is to measure how wide your body is. The widest part of most people is their hips so take that tape measure and measure the width of your hips. You may also consider measuring from shoulder to shoulder as well.

Getting the Recliner Dimensions Spot-on

Your Back and Feet

We begin with lumbar support. If you sit against seat cushions, make sure there is absolutely no gap between your lower back or tailbone. In terms of measurements you took regarding the tailbone and the knees, they ought to be as long as the seat cushion, no more, no less.

Let’s move on to the feet. They should NOT be in the air, dangling and not touching the ground. However, they mustn’t be too low on the ground either – your heels, in other words, should not go beyond where your heels rest. If your heels overshoot the foot rest you are likely putting added strain on them.

Your Arms

This is fairly simple, most recliners aren’t going to have armrests that are smaller than your arms. The end of the armrest should encompass your palms and likely your fingers should hang over.

Then we come to the sitting itself, and the math is simple – an inch-long gap between each hip and each armrest.

Your Recliner and the Measurements of Your Living Space

Before purchasing a recliner, ensure that your space can accommodate this piece of furniture. You can start with the width; measure your recliner between its armrests. Follow that with the length, but make sure it’s reclined. You measure from the top edge of the recliner to the bottom bit of the reclined footrest. The last step is to measure the area where you planned to put the recliner in the first place.

Average Recliner Dimensions

Let us illustrate the instructions given above with an example. Assuming your measurements came out to be: 77 inches fully reclined, and 35 inches wide. This means that you need a space that is at least 80 in long and 40 in wide for it to fit.

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