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6 Simple Exercises You Can Do on Your Recliner

Jan 3, 2018

Recliners are both comforting and non-judgmental, and that is one lethal mix for anyone’s fitness goals. In an era where sitting has become the new smoking, this lifestyle of laziness is driving physicians up against the wall over the escalating level of lifestyle diseases. They insist that some physical exercise can significantly increase your chances of living healthy. What if we told you that it is possible to give your body that much needed work out straight from the comfort of that upholstered beast? How about we get to it then?

Exercises that can be done on a recliner

Quad training

Prolonged sitting can result in a build-up of blood clots in your veins if you are in a confined space. While this is cautionary advice for long distance travel, this situation is also a perfect description of a day spent in your beloved recliner. Your clot may dissolve on its own or unfortunately turn to a pulmonary embolism which can be fatal.

To keep your lower limbs fit, you can focus on the quadriceps or your thigh’s larger muscles. As you lie back in your recliner, put your legs together and tilted your toes upwards. As you do this, flex your legs and stretch them to apply pressure on the quads.
Hold for about 20 seconds, then relax the muscles. Repeat at least five sets, pushing your quads to contract and relax till you tire them out. Next time you want to get out of your lift recliner, consider forcing yourself to stand.

Leg Lifts

These are fantastic leg exercises that will build your calves and quads as you enjoy that Netflix binge. Recline and prop your legs up, then one lift each leg at a time, at least two inches off your recliner. Once you feel the contraction on the top of your leg, raise for five more seconds, then let the leg down. Repeat with the other leg. Do ten sets and watch your quads bulge as you sit it out.

Recliner core builders

If you are feeling a bit guilty about the amount of vein clogging foods you have downed and ready to make a quick turnaround, you can start with this core exercise that helps to burn off that bulge on your belly.

With your footrest up and your recliner tilted back, lift your upper body till you feel some pressure in your abdominal area. Hold your body in that position for at least two seconds then go back down gently on the seat.

Lift yourself about 30 times per set and repeat this for three more sets. It can be good to do this about 20 to 30 times, which will be one set, and then proceeding to two or three more sets.

Reclining Curl

Sit up and forward on your recliner, and ensure that your back is away from the end of the chair. As you sit tall with your spine rigid, hold your abs and inhale and lean your pectorals and torso backward. Then lean back as far as is comfortable with you and stop just about where your head almost makes contact with the backrest. In a recliner, you can push the backrest further back if you are feeling like a ninja about this particular work out. Leaning further back makes the exercise more strenuous. Hold this position briefly then breathe and return to the original starting position. Do a total of 3 sets with 3 minutes of the stretched back motion per set.

Recliner arm exercises

As you work your quads, it would be a sin to leave out your biceps, especially if the wantonness of the recliner has made them see better days. Arm exercises will help your arms have increased strength without the necessity of weights.Sit with your feet on the ground and your back straight up. Place your arms on the armrests and mimic the motion of standing up to apply pressure on the muscles. To make it a little bit tougher, lift your body off the recliner slightly, but make sure you keep your butt in contact with the seat at all times. Hold for at least ten seconds, then relax. Repeat at least five sets per day.

Recliner push-ups

This exercise will force you to get most of your body off your recliner, but it is for a good cause right? How about you drop and give yourself twenty of these to strengthen your core, arms, shoulders, and chest, and that feel good feeling of having offset the damage all that weekend binging has brought on?

Start by getting in the usual push up position, with the variance being that your legs should be placed on the recliner seat. can do it, for king and country my friend! Do a push up till your nose (gently) hits the ground, then push yourself back up to the starting position. Since your position tilts your body, this makes the push up a bit easier to manage but as just as rewarding. Do at least ten sets, and you are good to go. Let the binge begin!

Looking for a more comprehensive list of recliner exercises? Sit Strong Systems created this PDF of 60 exercises you can do.

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