Best Recliner of 2019: Ultimate Relaxation!

Nothing beats a good recliner. When you come home after a long day at work, your first reflex is to sit down and relax. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair leaves little to be desired. You can do your back, torso, and legs some much needed justice by getting rid of your... read more

Oversized Recliners, Big and Tall, Big Man Chairs

There comes a time in every mans life where you don’t just want a huge oversized recliner in your life, you need one. The idea of a super comfortable chair you can chill in while gaming, sleeping, or watching television is a wonderful thought. With this new-found... read more

Rv Recliners: Perfect for Small Spaces!

If you’re upgrading your RV, camper, or motor-home, It’s not uncommon for people to sit in an RV seat for many hours at a time, especially if you have a long trip ahead of you. Most RV’s have limited space inside the cabin, which makes the seating quite important as... read more

Recliner Covers and Slipcovers: Protect Your Furniture

If there’s one universal truth in the furniture world, it’s that recliners can get extremely dirty over time. They’re often one of the most used items of furniture in your home, so it makes sense that they need a little love to stay at their best. An easy to way to... read more

Outdoor Recliners for the Patio and Garden

Are you looking forward to the Summer months? Looking for a way to relax outside while having a few drinks? If so, you need an outdoor recliner. Outdoor recliners range all the way from cheaper metal and plastic framed models, to ones that are made from solid wood... read more

Power Lift Recliners for the Elderly: Rise a Little Easier

If you’re an older person who needs a little help getting into and out of your chair, or you’re a disabled person who needs the same assistance, a lift recliner is exactly what you need. Most lift recliners, lift to about 30 – 50 inches, depending on just how much... read more


Whether you’re looking for a new chair or you need to fix your old one. We have you covered.