“Healthy Future” Scholarship

We apologize to everyone for the lack of communication/posting of the winner on April 15th. There were issues out of our control that prevented us from posting the winner. Congratulations to Charlie and we wish you the best of the luck in the future! Thanks again to all applicants.

Charlie’s Submission: Click here to read

ˮHealthy Futureˮ Scholarship

With a human commodity centered in our field of working, we are a company that cares a lot about people’s health and their life during and after work. Quality of life is constantly improving in the world of the oversized recliner as well as outdoor recliner, and as we grow our community and create the best possible choice for everybody who visits our website.

In the modern era, our and other people’s main occupation is work and the time we spend working is sometimes more than we spend at home. Considering the fact that people’s health is what matters while they are staying long hours at work; through our scholarship we contribute to the awareness of the importance of healthy surroundings and furniture people use, as well as maintenance of that furniture with recliner covers so you can truly enjoy your time after work. For instance, recliners ranging from double recliners to rv recliners.

We are pleased to announce that applications for our annual scholarships are now open and we expect your essays no later than April 1st, 2018.

Application eligibility

All students are eligible for the scholarship with a proof of a college enrollment for a current year and short biography enclosed. There are no limitations in nationality, the field of study and place of living in order to apply. Previous winners of a scholarship are not eligible to apply.

Essay requirements and submission

Although we care for a people’s health during work, we want to raise awareness of how important furniture is for this improvement. That’s why this year’s essay topic is ˮLife at a computer desk: health risks and possible solutionsˮ. We want you to complete the following:

–    Write about health risks people confront during working hours at a computer desk and what are the possible solutions that will resolve some of the problems. Include the furniture and how is it important for people’s health at work. Consider things like ergonomics and possible features, for instance lift recliners feature a lift function to help people stand.

–    The essay should be long at least 1000 words, written in Times New Roman, font 12.

–    The format of an essay should be PDF.

–    Submit an essay [email protected] Make sure your subject line has a scholarship name and your name and surname!

–    Applying for the scholarship is free of charge.

Application deadline is April 1st at 4 pm and the results will be published on April 15th. With the submission of all essays, we keep the right to publish them on our website.

As the previous years, the best essay will win the main prize – 1500$. After the announcing of a winner, we will send an email with the check.

Private data submitted with the application are kept safe and not revealed to the third parties.

Good luck!